Philippe Cousteau: Explorer, Social Entrepreneur, & Environmental Advocate

Give people the ability to find hope and recognize their power to change the world.

Media: Engage

There is no question that media is as powerful a tool today as it was during my father’s time. I work with my team to create diverse multimedia content designed to tell engaging and empowering stories to a global audience. As a special correspondent for CNN and through online platforms, social media, books, feature coverage and news we leverage media as a powerful tool of change.

  • CNN
    Special Correspondent and Host of Going Green Series

    As a special correspondent reporting on environmental and humanitarian issues around the world, I work on compelling stories that meld advocacy, amazing adventure television and new media to engage people across the globe in positive change. What I call “adventure advocacy” expeditions include trips to the Arctic Circle exploring climate change as well as our most recent expedition to the island of Sumatra in Indonesia to tell the story of 30 Hills; an area that could accurately be called ground zero for global deforestation.   From hosting CNN International’s Going Green series to reporting news, I am proud to be part of an amazing worldwide platform to tell empowering stories about our world.

  • Going Blue

    Going Blue: a teen guide to saving our oceans, lakes, rivers and wetlands is a multi-award winning book that vividly presents facts and statistics about Earth’s oceans and waterways and information about the issues surrounding our current water crisis. Readers find a wealth of strategies, examples and resources that help them become change agents and move forward to complete service projects in their communities. The book is divided into the five stages of service learning:

    STAGE 1: Find Out → Investigate
    STAGE 2: Dive In → Prepare
    STAGE 3: Get Going → Act
    STAGE 4: Think Back → Reflect
    STAGE 5: Tell It → Demonstrate

    With the aid of engaging photos and illustrations, along with practical suggestions and activities, teens plan and execute meaningful service learning projects that benefit our planet’s water system.